Hello, Im Danielle. First and foremost thank you for stopping by. I am a full time photographer based in Dorset. The proud mother of 3 energetic boys, 2 dogs and I was a lockdown micro wedding bride of 2020.

 I have always loved photography and once I had children I found a passion for snapping away at them and soon our home was filled with portraits and adventures of ours.

I want to document ALL the stories with you from the Engagements to Bumps. Birth stories to first Steps.

How Did My Photography Journey Begin?

My first camera holds many precious memories for me. It was given to me as a special birthday gift before my second son was born. It captured the exact moment my then boyfriend got down on one knee as I was taking his picture. I then lost him from the view finder and all of Rome waited for me to appear from behind the camera a good 60 seconds later looking confused, excited and giddy!

From then on out photography just became a love of mine and I'm very lucky it has now grown into not just a hobby but a business.

Why Do I love Birth Photography?

Well after experiencing labour 3 times myself I found that I absolutely LOVED talking about my birth stories. Im not shy and like to share every detail. Just those few moments where you relive it all and you get a massive rush of the feelings flooding back. I'm making all my labours sound like a doddle and that I love giving birth. I can absolutely assure they weren't and my Husband will most definitely agree with that.

I think it's the emotion that I love and crave. After experiencing that amount of emotion and to then witness it over and over again, nothing compares. To then show it all in its rawest form with photography is breath taking.

Meeting an expectant mother for the first time and building a bond with her and her birthing partner is fantastic. I couldn't ask for a better job and community to be part of.


“Danielle is so talented and has such a natural flair for photography. Her direction is with such ease, she makes you feel so comfortable and the results are absolutely stunning.”

“Danielle always manages to produce pictures without me even realising she's doing it. Very natural and easy going which is perfect when dealing with unruly toddlers. She has produced the best photos that we have of our son which we will always treasure.”

“I had the best time working with Danielle. She has managed to capture exactly what I had envisioned and has blown all of my exceptions out of the water! An absolute joy to work with and I can't wait to collaborate again soon.”

“We had such a great mini shoot with Danielle. She is friendly and professional and made it lots of fun. We all loved the photos and plan to make the shoot an annual event - it is a fab opportunity to socialise whilst recording our journey. Thank you Danielle”

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