The best story you will ever tell....

Why on earth would you let someone take pictures of you in labour?

Probably the first comment anyone ever makes when you throw the idea of having birth story photography out there for everyone to hear.

The answer is simple because there is NEVER a more raw powerful experience to cherish forever!

Maybe a loved one can't be by your side so this gallery will be the story you can retell and look back on. It deserves to be celebrated.

I am a mother of 3 and if I could go back now and have another me stood there silently snapping away at the first time I held my son as I told my husband he had the biggest eyes I'd ever seen. I would!

When I look back on my own labours I now find myself questioning which bit happened in which labour. Fact checking with my husband as they all seem to merge together. Over time it all becomes a-bit foggy. All I remember now is that I was absolutely awesome. I carried and brought these amazing people into the world. One I did with little intervention the others a lot. I had the help and support from the amazing midwifery teams. Either way that baby was guided into this world, they all arrived because of me.

To be able to see what I felt for the first time I held them now would be priceless.

I don't have to convince you because you have already found me so you must be curious and just like me. We will fully discuss all your wishes before the anticipated day and things you do or do not want captured.  I want to make sure you and your birthing partner feel 100% comfortable and at ease with me.

I will bring nothing but respect into each Labour room or home I step into. I can be as present or as discreet as you wish. This time is yours.

I aim to be with you when you are in active labour this is around 4cm dilated. When you have an active pattern of contractions (that you can't talk through).

weymouth Dorset birth photographer

I will photograph your labour, the birth and stay for 1-2 hours after the baby has arrived to capture all of the firsts. Communication is everything so I want calling even at 3am if you are heading to hospital/home birth preparations so I can get ready just incase. Even if it turns out active labour has not begun this gives me the heads up so I can pretend to go back to sleep. When really I will be sat up excitedly waiting just as much as you will be.

I only take on a limited number of birthing story clients each year due to the massive commitment it is. To ensure I have enough time dedicated to each new arrival. I am a Dorset based photographer and will travel 1 hour from my home to ensure i have adequeste time to get to each birth.

So please give me a call so we can chat some more about your little ones big debut.

Even if you decide not to have me join you to tell your story. Please Please Please have your birthing partner/anyone there take just one picture because even if your hairs stuck to your face and you are exhausted you wont regret it because in that moment you are amazing!

I promise.

““Birth is an opportunity to transcend. To rise above what we are accustomed to, reach deeper inside ourselves than we are familiar with, and to see not only what we are truly made of, but the strength we can access in and through birth."”

My Community of Birth Workers

Creating a space expectant mothers and fathers can feel safe and supported in. With the help of some wonderful people I have met along my travels as a photographer. As I cover all of Dorset here are a few People and businesses I recommend.

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Zelle The Doula - West Dorset & South Somerset

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